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How can consultants use podcasts in a marketing strategy?

Smart consulting firms are using podcasts to connect and engage with their target audiences as part of their marketing strategy. Your voice is a powerful tool that conveys your authority and speaks for your brand. Consultants can harness the power of audio to expand their brand awareness—turning the sound of their voice into a lead producing machine.

We are in the ‘golden age of podcasts,’ with an estimated 67 million regular listeners in the United States and over 850,000 podcast shows available. Podcasting is no longer a niche medium, as it has cemented its place firmly as a highly preferred method for media consumption. Podcast listeners are loyal, affluent, and educated, which makes podcasting an ideal format for content marketing.

Audio content has the luxury of convenience, something text or video content can’t offer to their audiences. Listeners enjoy podcasts almost anywhere – on the go, during a commute, at the gym, the possibilities are endless. They’re perfect for people short on time, especially the kinds of busy executive decision-makers that would be your ideal consulting clients. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions surveyed its members worldwide and found that 44% of department heads, VPs, owners, and C-suites are regularly listening and engaging with podcasts.

If your ideal consulting clients typically have busy days, the chances that they are listening to podcasts between meetings or during a commute are pretty high. They may not have time to read through a whitepaper or case study or even have the time to sit through a video, but they can easily find the time to hit play on your podcast while working out at the gym.

We’ve established that audio content is easy to consume, is being consumed by your target audience, and that a podcast audience is captive. But there’s a bonus to your consulting firm you may not have considered: the process of producing a podcast can create leads for you as well! Having a well-produced podcast builds your thought leadership and authority, much like having a published book or television appearance. You’ll be able to provide your target audience with social proof in what the topics you speak to and the guests you have on your show. Your audience will connect with the power of your voice and develop a deep relationship with your brand. 

Additionally, there is a huge opportunity to network and cultivate a business relationship with the guests you bring on your show. A podcast invitation for an interview is an opportune time to connect with a new target client, dive into your network for introductions, or re-connect with past clients. Interviewing a potential client gives you a chance to build real rapport and create a lasting positive impression.

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