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Why do we think we can help you build the best podcast?

What may look to some observers like a “peak” in the audio content industry feels like a tremendous opportunity to our Podcast Taxi team.

For most of the past decade, our leadership team ran a content strategy agency that helped clients tell their best stories to their perfect audiences. When we launched in 2012, podcasts were still a niche within a niche, usually catering to highly technical audiences.

However, over the past few years, we started including more audio content in the strategy documents we delivered to our clients. We started producing podcasts and audiobooks for subject matter experts in the finance and technology verticals. And we even launched our own podcast to highlight some compelling stories from our entrepreneurial communities.

That’s why, in 2019, when we started thinking about how we could best serve our clients, we realized that sharpening our focus on audio gave us the opportunity to spend even more time on projects we truly enjoy creating for eager audiences.

We’re committed to helping our clients produce engaging audio that also happens to advance their strategic business goals. For authors and entertainers, that means taking listeners beyond the page and diving deep into compelling conversations.

For business professionals, that means unlocking expertise in a way that builds rapport and attracts new clients. And for all of our clients, that means leveraging our strongest storytelling and engineering skills to shape the kinds of narratives that lead to “driveway moments.”

Most of all, we’re excited by the opportunity to center voices that wouldn’t necessarily find footing in today’s crowded content landscape. It’s hard to build the skills you need to run a weekly radio show and still focus on the things you need to do every day to run your business, to perform well in your job, or to be a true leader in your profession.

We’re here to let you stay focused on what you’re truly great at, so you can pretty much just show up for your recording, share your gifts in front of a microphone, and focus on the relationship you’re building with your audience.

We’re helping authors, entrepreneurs, and business professionals bring their authentic voices to eager audiences.

We make room on our production roster for just a few new shows every month. If you’re ready to focus fully on your content and let us handle the fine art of audio engineering and editing, follow the button below to get started.

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