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Should my podcast have a regular newsletter?

Rather than regarding your podcast as an end in itself, we believe you should think about beneficial ways to make more use of it. In order to do so, you need to be able to capitalize on your greatest asset, your podcast audience. These listeners are already engaged with you, and one of the best ways to connect with them further is through an email newsletter.

You may think that social media is the “sexiest” place to market your podcast, but don’t ignore email. Email is still the best way to build your audience over time. Remember, your email subscribers aren’t casual listeners who just happened to come across your podcast more or less by accident. They’re devoted followers who want to hear from you.

Why Do I Need a Newsletter for My Podcast?

Your podcast allows you to deliver information to your listeners; a newsletter turns communication into a two-way street. It enables you to keep your audience informed and get their opinions. The quickest and easiest way to learn what your audience likes and wants to hear is by talking to them. Here are some other things a newsletter enables you to do.

  • Give people a shout out about your next podcast. Every time a new podcast is in the works, send an email to everyone on your list, announcing what the podcast is about and when it will be available. 
  • Promote interest in upcoming guests. You want to share interesting details about your upcoming guest so that your subscribers can’t wait to listen in. Your guest may also share their interview with their subscribers who may then decide to take a look at your podcast. 
  • Gain a better understanding of whether your podcast is resonating with your audience. If someone signs up to subscribe to your email newsletter, they are showing that they like your podcast and want a deeper relationship with you. Conversely, if you see that lots of people are unsubscribing, it may be that you aren’t providing the content your listeners want. Statistics show that 44% of unsubscribers feel that a podcast is not providing them with anything new. 
  • Grow and evangelize your podcast audience. One idea is to market fun merchandise items emblazoned with your podcast’s name. Your audience will happily buy your merchandise if they like your podcast, and your show’s name will be brought to the attention of their family and friends. 

How to Create Your Email List and Newsletter

There are several reliable sites with free plans that are designed to help you do this, including:

If you want to take advantage of all of the benefits an email newsletter can provide but are still unsure of how to go about getting one up and running, Podcast Taxi will be happy to help you get started. We want your podcast to be the best it can be so why not talk to us today.

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