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How can I repurpose my podcast content?

Your hard work of researching, recording, editing, and publishing your podcast episodes is beginning to pay off because your listeners are increasing. Research shows that approximately 50% of Americans like to listen to podcasts. There are many ways to repurpose your podcast content to help you tap into your potential audience. 

Blog Posts

Accompany each episode with a blog post on your website. Utilize your episode transcripts to highlight some of the most interesting questions and answers, and perhaps add additional context from you or your guest. If you used a true story as the basis for your episode, add some interesting visual elements such as photographs or newspaper clippings.

  • Don’t forget to optimize your blog post for SEO by including relevant keywords.


In the world of search engines, YouTube comes second only to Google, so consider featuring your podcast there. Get your episodes on YouTube by simply uploading your audio files and adding a static image. You can choose to republish a complete episode or just use interesting clips. Here are a couple of more ideas:

  • Video yourself while recording your episode. Then break your content into short teasers and snippets to place on your website and share on social media. 
  • Create a short video about each episode, letting people know what it’s all about.


An infographic can visually explain a data-heavy or complex topic and make it easy for viewers to distribute it to other interested individuals. Research shows that people are more likely to recall information three days later when you include an image. There are many options for eye-catching infographics, and BloggingPro has provided some insight into popular trends.

Social Media Posts

Promote your show via your dedicated social media channels. Utilize trailers or create short clips as teasers for an episode or transform powerful quotes into aesthetically pleasing imagery. 

  • Dimensions for images differ according to the social media platform, so create images that are the right fit


An audiogram consists of a short audio file that you convert into a video file. Take a section of audio from your podcast episode and pair it with an interesting image. Research shows that the average involvement with a Twitter audiogram is eight times higher than for just a word tweet. And, Facebook posts with audiograms outperform posts with links or photos by as much as 83%! You don’t need to be a tech whizz to create audiograms – two great tools that can help you are Wavve and Headliner

  • DigitalMarketer has information and templates to repurpose one podcast episode into eleven different content types (including audiograms) for social media. 

E-books or Courses

Does your podcast focus on educational material to help people better understand an industry or learn a new skill? If so, repurpose your podcast content into an online course or an e-book. Rather than just publishing a transcript, add more value by including additional information. 


Repurposing podcast content enables you to squeeze more value out of your episodes. Creative repurposing is another tool to connect with your current audience as well as helping it grow.

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