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Should I incorporate intros or voiceovers in my podcast?

If you want to create a professional sounding podcast, you need a professional sounding introduction – a podcast intro. A great sounding intro should build anticipation and add cohesiveness to your podcast. Think about it, your intro represents the very first voice your listeners will hear, and how good it sounds makes a big difference to how long they’ll keep on listening. Here are some interesting results from research conducted by NPR

  • A typical podcast episode drops 20-35 percent of its listeners in the first five minutes.
  • An unexceptional episode with a good intro usually performs better than a great show with a poor intro.
  • Only established shows with loyal followers can overcome non-engaging or uninteresting intros.

So, remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression. 

Tips For a Great Podcast Intro

When creating your intro, try imagining someone beginning to listen to your podcast on their way to the grocery store. You want to hook them by being unique as early as possible. Identify yourself and give them a short, engaging overview of what they’re going to hear. Keep your intro within 30–60 seconds. Daniel J Lewis shares some excellent examples in an episode of The Audacity to Podcast. 

Besides your script, you may want to use music or sound effects to help set your show’s mood.

The Importance of Your Outro

At the end of your show, a professional sounding outro wraps everything up and lets your listeners know that the episode is over. An outro also provides the perfect opportunity to insert a call-to-action and alert your listeners to where they can learn more about you. You might have done a great job with your intro and the main podcast body, but if your show ends weakly, that could mean your new listener may not hit the subscribe button. 

What are bumpers?

Bumpers are short musical segments – 15 seconds or thereabouts- that introduce a new section of your podcast or create smooth transitions in and out of commercial breaks. Utilizing bumpers as audio cues bring a broadcast quality to your series.

Why You Need Voiceovers

If you are hosting a show and presenting a guest speaker, doing your own intro works. But if you are the main speaker, it will seem strange if you introduce yourself! For professional sounding intro and outros, you may want to search out voice professionals to read your script. Some services provide voiceover talent, music, sound effects, and then put everything together for you. 

Using a voice that is not your own for your intro establishes your content as a separate entity with value. Think about being introduced in front of any group or at a conference. Someone else making the intro can toot your horn more tunefully than you can yourself. You should aim to welcome your audience with a voice that produces a polished and perfectly-timed reading and also aligns with your brand. 

Looking for a powerful podcast intro?

Even though these intro and outro blurbs are short, creating quality podcast beginnings and endings involves a substantial amount of thought and effort. Podcast Taxi can help you find skilled voice talent from our network of actors and broadcasters. Why not give us a call today to find out more.

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