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Does it cost anything to post my podcast to Spotify?

To quickly build your podcast audience, you’ll want to make it easy for listeners to find your show. With over 200 million listeners around the world and available across multiple devices, Spotify is one of the most popular places to promote your podcast. 

When you join Spotify for Podcasters, you’ll find it’s easy to upload your podcast to Spotify and gain access to the data and insights you’ll need to grow your audience. After Spotify’s 2019 purchase of the podcasting app Anchor, listing your podcast on their platform is free. (Anchor offers free hosting and no storage fees.)

How to get your podcast on Spotify

You have two options:

  1. Submit directly through Spotify. Using the Spotify for Podcasters portal, directly submit your show with a valid RSS feed and a Spotify account.
  2. Submit through your media host. Many media hosts allow submission directly to Spotify inside their app. You can submit with one click on their “Submit to Spotify” button. 

Spotify partners with these hosting platforms:

Note: If you host your podcast with Acast, Art19, Cast Plus, Ausha, or Zencast, you’ll need to contact them directly to find out how to authorize distribution on Spotify.

Spotify does enforce some common-sense rules for listing your podcast: you don’t have any copyrighted material on your podcast, and any music on your podcast should be podsafe. After you have submitted your podcast, it usually takes 2-5 days for your podcast to show up on Spotify. You won’t get any formal notification from Spotify when it’s available; you simply need to keep an eye on it. Once the listing is up, be sure to grab the direct link to your listing so you can start promoting it!

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