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What binge-worthy podcasts are we listening to right now?

Like everyone coping with stay-at-home orders right now, the Podcast Taxi team has been digging into their backlog of podcast series. We thought we would share some of the podcasts that are currently in our playlists right now:

Over the Road

From PRX and Overdrive Magazine, Over the Road is an eight-part series featuring stories of America’s long haul truckers. Host “Long Haul Paul” Marhoefer, a musician and trucker for nearly 40 years, takes you behind the wheel to explore a devoted community and a world that’s changing amidst new technologies and regulations. 

Business Schooled

In Season 1 of Synchrony’s business podcast, host Alexis Ohanian meets with OG entrepreneurs to learn how they started their own booming businesses. For Season 2, start-up co-founder and investor Soraya Darabi is on the road speaking with eight entrepreneurs who’ve graduated from their early startup days and are currently in new phases of growth. 


Seren is sent away from her home, on an unknown mission. This eight part series chronicles her journey across the stars, as she deals with the reasons that led to her departure – all told in daily log recordings. 

The Dream

Hosts Jane Marie and Dan Galluci break down and take down creepy multi-level marketing companies. Season 1 tackles pyramid schemes and MLM, while Season 2 has begun exploring and investigating the sketchier side of the wellness industry. 

Levar Burton Reads

In the nearly one hundred episodes, there is a story here for everyone. For each episode, Levar Burton hand picks a work of fiction to read aloud. Think of it as Reading Rainbow for adults, if you will. 

What podcasts have you gotten hooked on lately? We would love to know more about them and share them with our audience!

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