Podcasts for families of special needs children

When your child is diagnosed with special needs or a disability, your world changes. Families of a child with any disability or special health need face many challenges: from a difficult to navigate health care or school system to managing ever-changing family dynamics. Feelings of isolation are common, especially while trying to juggle so much. 

Now more than ever, families have access to a wealth of information and data available out there. Sometimes, though, it is helpful to hear personal stories and practical information from someone who is sharing your experiences. Podcasts offer relatable voices that can help parents and families feel like they are not alone. These voices can provide encouragement, share their stories, and many times invite knowledgeable guests.

Here are our recommendations if you are looking for special needs content or want to listen as others share their journeys.  

TiLT Parenting Podcast

TiLT Parenting was founded in 2016 by Debbie Reber as a podcast and online community aimed at helping parents raising differently-wired kids to do so from a place of confidence, connection, and joy. Debbie regularly features high-profile parenting experts and educators, as well as insightful conversations between Debbie and her son Asher. The focus is on differently wired children with issues including neurodiversity, gifted children, education, and insightful parenting and family strategies.

Accepting The Unacceptable

Jody Warshawsky shares from her experiences raising a child with autism and epilepsy — her daughter Remy. This show is for anyone who is raising a child with neurological differences. Jody discusses navigating the autism and epilepsy world, as well as parenting, marriage, and schools. As she states on her site, “This podcast is my way of sharing what I’ve learned and will learn from experts I interview on how to handle it all. The stress, pressure, overwhelm, and ways to parent a child that operates differently than us.”

Mama Bear Podcast

The Mama Bear Podcast is a place for women raising children with special needs to get together and chat about life. Mary Susan McConnell and her guests discuss the beautiful highs and the extreme lows that can come with parenting on such unique journeys. Mary Susan declares her mission is to “help women around the world hear other people say the things they are already feeling. As the mom to a child with profound special needs, she knows the power of connecting with other people who get it.

Unexceptional Moms

From Ellen Stumbo & Erin Loraine, Unexceptional Moms Podcast strive to offer hope and encouragement for special needs parents. Share their journey as they navigate the joys and challenges of raising children with disabilities. They want you to know you’re not alone.

Dad to Dad Podcast

Fathers mentoring fathers of kids with special needs – presented by the Special Fathers Network. Host David Hirsch interviews some amazing fathers of kids with special needs.

Parenting: Impossible – The Special Needs Survival Podcast

Dedicated to giving compassionate advice for all stages of life. Our conversations revolve around the entire special needs community, including those with autism, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health issues, and more. 

Hosted by Attorney Annette Hines, special needs mom, author, and founder of the Special Needs Law Group based In Massachusetts, Annette has regular guests that include experts in special needs, siblings that offer stories and survival tips with a positive message.

Advocate Like a Mother Podcast

Michelle Sullivan and Ashley Montano hope to educate, empower, and inspire moms to find their voice on behalf of their child with a different ability. Ashley has a son with Williams syndrome & CHD as well as a daughter with 3p26.3 deletion & autism. Michelle has a son with Down syndrome. Together they are passionate about helping parents find their voice.

Same Journey. Different Paths.

Shaney Washington hosts a special needs parenting podcast that speaks on topics from many different perspectives like parents, educators, doctors, and therapists for special needs children.

Let us know what you are listening to find encouragement and community or if you are ready to add your voice and experience to help families with their journey.

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