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What are some common podcasting mistakes?

If you currently have a podcast or are trying to start one, it takes time and effort to produce something that people want to engage with. There are so many tasks required to produce a well received podcast and there are also over 30 million episodes as of April 2020. Improve your chances of standing out from the competition by avoiding some of the common podcasting mistakes:

Choosing the Wrong Hosting Platform

There are many podcast hosting services to choose from. A good hosting platform will provide you with the following:

  1. Stability and reliability.
  2. Control over your feed.
  3. Excellent stats on your podcast’s performance.

You might think that your podcast belongs on YouTube, but you should understand the following about this platform:

  • It does not give you the option to download episodes for offline viewing.
  • It gives mobile users no other choice but to play the video in the foreground with the screen active. This drains the phone’s battery fast, so very few people use YouTube to listen to podcasts on their phones.
  • If you accidentally break one of Google’s service terms, they can shut you down instantly and without notice. 
  • Your subscribers belong to Google. If you decide to leave YouTube, you will lose them all.

Being Inconsistent With Your Podcasting Schedule

A new subscriber wants to know when to expect your next episode. Consistency matters so it’s best to do some planning the cadence of your episodes and season before you even start recording. Ask yourself how often you are realistically able to put new episodes out. Honestly evaluate the amount of time needed to publish a high-quality episode. Don’t try to force an unrealistic schedule by putting out episodes you’re not proud of.

Settling for Poor Sound Quality

Many listeners tune out of podcasts because of poor audio quality. This doesn’t mean you need a radio-quality microphone or a professional recording studio. Fortunately, high-quality microphones are available in many price ranges, so you can find one that suits your budget. It is also important to always use a mic with a pop filter. You only need a small space to achieve good audio, but you should make it as free as possible from external and distracting noise.

Make sure to level your audio for consistent sound quality. iZotope provides some excellent advice on achieving a great sound with 10 Tips for a Great Sounding Podcast.

Not Bothering With Editing

If you are guilty of just uploading your raw recording, you should not expect your listeners to like it. Edit with a discerning ear — remove any weak or lagging parts of a conversation or long pauses. Good editing will produce a good podcast.

Not Including a Call to Action

Remember to include a call to action (CTA) in your podcast at the beginning or end of the episode. A CTA tells your listeners how to follow you and reminds them to subscribe and leave a review. You might also want to consider how, down the road, you can easily transition your CTAs to include self-sponsored ads or branded content. If you’ve had CTAs within your podcast all along, it will feel like a natural transition.

Making It Impossible to Find Your Podcast

If it’s hard to discover your podcast, you won’t grow your audience. Make your podcast available on as many podcast directories as possible to get a wide audience. It is also helpful to have a dedicated website for your series.

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