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Kids love podcasts, too!

There has been a measured growth in the knowledge and popularity of podcasts, even just in the last year. According to Infinite Dial, 70% of the U.S. is familiar with the concept of podcasting. That is up 14% from 2018.

This can be seen in my own family — by none other than my 5 year old twins.  As they started kindergarten this year, I thought now might be the time to introduce them to some podcasts that are created for children and families. Perfect use of our time spent in the vehicle for their new commute and carpool lines.

Let me tell you, they not only loved it but I can barely get my seat belt fastened each morning before I am asked, “Did you bring your phone?” or “Can you start the podcast?” or my very favorite, just simply, “Podcast!”

In an effort for families to reduce screen time, podcasts are increasingly becoming another tool in the box to use stories to entertain, learn, and broaden children’s minds to all kinds of possibilities. All the better if they inspire a love of stories and reading, in this mom’s humble opinion.

Podcasts are also being used in the classroom setting to help teach active listening and reflective thinking, as well as a tool for improving literacy.

Kids Listen is an organization of advocates for high-quality audio content for children. In their survey, 80% of kids listen to a podcast more than once. Nearly 20% listen to an episode 10 or more times. Additionally, 74% of respondents reported that their children initiate discussion based on the podcast after listening. Kids are also likely to quote or re-enact part of the episode, tell others what they’ve learned, ask to listen again, get more information, or request to do an activity inspired by the podcast.

I can attest to this in my family as well. As for my kids, they simply adore Stories Podcast.  The content is full of stories that range from 8 – 30 minutes and are a mix of adaptations of fairy tales and folklore. There are also just as many original works, most are written by creator Daniel Hynes. My kids’ favorite are the Max Goodname series. The stories are fully narrated and many have songs,  mostly by the host Amanda Weldon. On more than one occasion I have heard my daughter quietly sigh and state that she “loves Amanda Weldon.”

Other favorites in our family are WOW in the World, The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian, and Story Pirates. There are so many that I look forward to introducing as well, like Brains On! and Fierce Girls. The landscape continues to grow and my list does as well.

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