Do you recommend a specific podcast platform?

We’re fortunate to have so many excellent podcast platforms competing for your business.

We’ve personally used, and can recommend:

  • Fireside: We’ve posted plenty of episodes of our own podcasts here, as this service from podcast pioneer Dan Benjamin was built with all the knowledge gained from Dan’s years managing the 5×5 podcast network. If your podcast emphasizes guest interviews, Fireside’s built-in website generator has the cleanest guest tagging system we’ve seen.
  • Transistor: This fairly new entrant to the pack includes one of the cleanest embeddable audio players on the market—it’s the one we use for our own portfolio and blog notes recordings.
  • Anchor: If you’re dreaming of monetizing your podcast, this Spotify service makes it easy for you to start hosting sponsored recordings for free. A great starter service if you’re dabbling as a hobbyist, too.

Over the years, we’ve also worked with Blubrry, Libsyn, and Simplecast. They’re all solid, and your decision will likely come down to a specific feature that you’re really attracted to. We’re happy to help our clients make that decision, and we can also help you migrate from one platform to another if you end up changing your mind.